Sunday, February 12, 2017

Yogurtland Replaces New York Cheesecake With Cheesecake

Fro-yo girl here. I noticed that the sign for the cheesecake flavor at Yogurtland no longer says New York Cheesecake. They didn’t just rename the old cheesecake froyo, but they came out with a new, improved cheesecake flavor. The new Cheesecake froyo is made with real cream cheese.

I’m not a fan of cheesecake froyo in general, so it’s been awhile since I had Yogurtland’s New York Cheesecake.

The new Cheesecake seems richer and creamier. The cheesecake flavor is mild. I’m surprised that the New York Cheesecake flavor had artificial flavors. The new Cheesecake flavor doesn’t have artificial flavors.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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