Thursday, February 23, 2017

Chobani Flip’s New Flavors: Cinnabun Fun, S’More S’Mores, Carrot Cake Creation

Fro-yo girl here. I love finding new yogurt flavors to try. On a recent trip to Target, I spotted new Chobani Flip flavors, S’More S’Mores and Carrot Cake Creation. They didn’t have Cinnabun Fun (and I checked more than one Target location). Target is selling Chobani Flip for $1.29 each.

Each Flip is 5.3 oz with non-GMO lowfat Greek yogurt and toppings in a separate compartment. They clock in at 180-200 calories per serving.

* Carrot Cake Creation: Sweet carrot lowfat yogurt with cinnamon glazed cake pieces, walnuts and creamy white chocolate chunks. The yogurt is smooth but there are tiny carrot bits throughout. The carrot adds a bit of crunch and sweetness. The cake pieces are tiny and dry but soft and pleasant and cinnamony in flavor. There were very few walnuts. The white chocolate chunks are notably sweeter and they’re creamy. The yogurt doesn’t have a strong carrot flavor but it does have a tasty blend of spices. It also still has that yogurt tang and a bit of sourness.

* S’More S’Mores: Sweet vanilla lowfat yogurt with honey graham crackers, milk chocolate and toasted sugar bits: I liked this better than Carrot Cake Creations. The vanilla yogurt was smooth, thick, mild and tangy. The toppings were really crunchy except for the milk chocolate bits (the toppings were mostly graham cracker bits). I liked the tiny crunchy sugar bits.

Both of the new flavors would be great for a dessert or a snack. They feel like healthy indulgences.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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