Friday, April 22, 2016

Yogurtland’s Flavor Quest Continues with Fig & Honey Gelato (Middle East)

Fro-yo girl here. Yogurtland’s Fourth Annual Flavor Quest brings you a brand new flavor, Fig & Honey Gelato, inspired by the flavors of the Middle East.

I’m not a fan of figs or gelato, so I wasn’t too excited but I do like honey, so I was hopeful. Remember the Yogurtland Honeycomb Tart flavor? I was a fan. Plus Yogurtland gelato is not like other gelato because it has live and active cultures (big yay).

Yogurtland describes Fig & Honey gelato as: “To create this sweet combination, we visited the source of where figs originated – the Middle East! Known for their antioxidants, we combined real figs and a touch of honey to create a rich and sophisticated gelato.”

The fig and honey gelato smells like figs but the first flavor to hit me was the honey. The honey is definitely noticeable and it’s delicious. The fig flavor isn’t too strong but it lingers. The texture seemed denser and richer than their frozen yogurt.

Suggested toppings: Honey, almonds, galette cookies. I like something crunchy and nutty with honey. Baklava would be a perfect topping if they had it.

Every Thursday will feature a new froyo flavor. The flavor will run for two weeks or while supplies last.

Collect a stamp in your passport for every visit. The more stamps you collect, the more free froyo you can earn. Collect five stamps and get 5 free ounces. Collect ten stamps and you’ll be rewarded with 10 free ounces. Join Real Rewards to participate.

Next up: Dulce De Leche Cookies (Argentina): April 28

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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