Friday, January 29, 2016

Yogurtland Fremont on a Downward Trajectory

Fro-yo girl here. I hate to criticize a frozen yogurt shop but there’s something amiss at the Yogurtland Fremont location. I hope that they recognize that there’s a problem and correct it before it’s too late. It’s clear that the standards have slipped.

Several months ago I encountered fruit that didn’t look very fresh. I noted it and didn’t say anything.

My recent visit was so disappointing that I had to speak up. The matcha green tea flavor is a flavor that I sometimes have a difficult time finding. Yogurtland Fremont had it so I decided to get a cup and when I pulled the handle, it came out super soft. That’s not uncommon for the first part that comes out to be soft but it kept coming out too soft. I showed my cup to the manager who said they’ve been having problems with that machine. I suggested that they fix the problems with the machine rather than let people continue to experience runny frozen yogurt but he said that people have been eating the yogurt from the machine. That may be true but the runny yogurt texture is disappointing. He knew there was a problem but didn’t care to fix it.

I added some mochi balls and these were stale and dried out, of course. They had NO strawberries. Oh and the complimentary water is gone too but that's probably because of the drought.

The price has also increased to 45 cents an ounce. The combination of lower quality and higher price is unacceptable. This location used to be better but lately things have gone south.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

* YOGURTLAND: 4069 Mowry Ave., Fremont, CA 94538

Update: I received an apology from the manager who said the green tea texture and mochi issue had been fixed. I'll return to try them in the future.

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