Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fro-yo Girl's 2016 Froyo Wish List

Fro-yo girl here. It’s the eighth edition of my annual froyo wish list. Let’s see how my 2015 wishes fared. Last year I wished for:

* Yogorino (or something similar to Yogorino): A new Yogorino did open in the US but it’s in Princeton, NJ. We went to NYC in October and Mr. Froyo had his beloved Yogorino.

* More froyo HQ visits: I visited quite a few froyo HQ this year, including Pinkberry, GoGreek, Menchie’s, Tutti Frutti, and Yogurtland, plus I went on a tour of Flavormine’s froyo manufacturing plant.

* Making frozen yogurt the official state food of California: I gave this a try and wrote to my state senator but I didn’t receive a response.

* A Food Network show dedicated to frozen yogurt or a froyo truck on the Great Food Truck Race: This didn’t happen but I have seen froyo being made on Chopped and Culture: An American Yogurt Company was featured on Unique Sweets.

A few unexpected surprises also happened to me in 2015: 

  • I reached the unlimited cup at Yogurtland for the first time. I hadn’t really planned to reach the unlimited cup but then at some point it seemed like an achievable goal. 
  • I was customer of the month at my local Yogurtland (thanks Yogurtland Pasadena – Lake). 
  • I won one of the prizes during the Red Mango for life sweepstakes. 
  • I picked up a few froyo toys. 
  • I found Yogurtland at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and visited many froyo shops on the East Coast and a few in Canada.
  • I picked up a few unexpected froyo spoons from Froyo World in Boston and Fruyo in Hong Kong

For 2016, my froyo wishes are: hmm, it’s hard to think of anything new since I have boxes full of froyo t-shirts and spoons. 

* Going to more countries to try their froyo (e.g., Llaollao, Frozen by a Thousand Blessings, Sour Sally, Berry Culture, The Local Frozen Yogurt, Pick Yo) 

* I'm still looking for good tart froyo at the supermarket (or popsicles). I spotted a new kind at the Korean market that I'm going to try very soon.

* Collecting froyo spoons from other countries, including the Hello Kitty spoon from Yogen Fruz Mexico, the Hello Kitty spoon from Yoppi Yogurt Taiwan, Moyo spoons, Sour Sally hand spoons, etc. I still need Joji spoons from Florida.

Maybe this is the year a froyo robot will finally serve my froyo?

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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