Thursday, January 8, 2015

Froyo Wish List for 2015

Fro-yo girl here. It’s time for the seventh edition of my annual wish list. Last year I wished for:

* Froyo pie or cake. Mr. Froyo made a froyo pie for me.

* Yolato frozen yogurt gelato bars in CA. I don’t think this happened (sad face). The Yolato bars are the best.

* Froyo made out of Icelandic yogurt (skyr). This does exist (e.g., in Denmark you can go to a supermarket and get a tub of Cheasy frozen skyr) but I certainly haven’t seen it in California.

* Froyo spoons. I did get plenty of new ones including some from Seattle, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Greece.

Some of my wishes from 2013 and earlier haven’t come true either. I’m still waiting to be served by a robot/frozen yogurt vending machine. On the other hand, I had wishes come true that I hadn’t even thought of, like visiting Yogurtland HQ, judging frozen yogurt at the NRA Show and attending the Critics Choice TV Awards (free froyo included).

Here’s my froyo wish list for 2015:

* Yogorino (or something similar to Yogorino) come back…Mr. Froyo misses you.

* More froyo HQ visits

* Making frozen yogurt the official state food of California

* A Food Network show dedicated to frozen yogurt or a froyo truck on the Great Food Truck Race

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