Friday, February 24, 2012

January Poll Results: Your Perfect Cup of Fro-yo

Fro-yo girl here. The poll results are in. I recently asked my readers how many flavors of fro-yo would they prefer in their ideal cup of fro-yo. The most popular response was 2 fro-yo flavors, with 46% of the vote. Three flavors came in 2nd place (28%), 4 or more (13%), and 1 (11%). The results are interesting. I also chose two flavors. It’s nice to have some variety but the more you add to your cup, the harder it is to ensure harmony between individual flavors. I like to pair two tart fro-yo flavors. It seems like any tart fro-yo flavor goes well with original tart and perhaps the same is true for vanilla fro-yo for sweet flavors. I can appreciate fro-yo shops that put complementary flavors next to each other in the same machine with the option of swirling the two together.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I just read your review of Wing Wings on yelp, and while I liked it, I have to express one little quibble: the pics on the walls are from Chicago and Baltimore, not SF. I'm from B'more, and I love looking at the pics when I go there, as one of them is taken right near where I grew up. It turns out one of the owners is from Charm City and the other is from Chi-town. That being said, now I know where your fro-yo blog is, and I am happy to have found it in this roundabout way! Keep up the good work!!!

Lolia S said...

Thanks so much for catching that. I've corrected my review.



Bonnibella said...

I like 2 flavors. Two tarts and one plain.