Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Innovative Soft Serve Shop Spotlight: Frozen Fruit Co. in Santa Monica, CA

Fro-yo girl here. Los Angeles has more frozen yogurt shops than any other city; it is frozen yogurt central. When it comes to froyo/soft serve innovation, expect to find it on the Westside (West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills) where residents are particularly health conscious and affluent.

Enter Frozen Fruit Co., a soft serve fruit shop which opened its doors last month in Santa Monica. It’s not frozen yogurt. They make their soft serve with just fruit, so it’s all natural, vegan, paleo, dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free. The founders, Michael and Victoria, came up with the recipes back in England. They’re both UK lawyers who wanted a frozen treat that was simple, healthy and tasty.

There are currently four flavors but they’re thinking of adding more:

  • Coconut & cacao: very strong cacao flavor, for chocolate lovers
  • Mango & strawberry: the strawberry makes it tarter and better, mango makes it taste indulgent
  • Raspberry & orange: the orange is really strong and it’s quite tangy
  • Pineapple & passionfruit: another tangy but more tropical flavor, a shop favorite

I thought that the soft serve fruit might be icy, gritty or bland – but it was none of those things. The difference is that Frozen Fruit Co. uses the whole fruit so there’s more texture, plus it’s made right there in the back of the shop so it’s much fresher than what you’ll find elsewhere. The texture was thick, smooth and not at all icy. The flavors really popped.

They have healthy toppings like granola, banana chips, coconut, carob chips, fresh fruit, nuts and pretzels. Edible flowers are complimentary. Instagram and tag Frozen Fruit Co. to get a free topping.

Prices: Cone $3.95, Small $4.95, Medium $6.50, Large $7.50, toppings 50 cents each.

The shop is small but adorable with a colorful paisley theme. Earn rewards with Fivestars. Open daily from noon to 10 PM.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

Rating: 5/5

* FROZEN FRUIT CO.: 729 Montana Ave., Suite 2, Santa Monica, CA 90403, @frozenfruitco, www.frozenfruitco.com

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