Thursday, December 28, 2017

Painful Froyo Shop Closures of 2017

Fro-yo girl here. Sure, many frozen yogurt shops close every year. Some closures hurt a lot more than others and I wanted to take a moment to remember some of my favorite shops that closed in 2017.

* Blush Organic Frozen Yogurt in Walnut Creek, CA:
I remember going for the grand opening back in May 2010. The location wasn’t convenient for me, but at the time, I was addicted to Blush (especially the original Dublin location).

* Fraiche Yogurt in San Francisco and on the campus of Stanford University: I’ve been to both locations multiple times. The one in SF was the one I went to regularly though, especially when the pumpkin yogurt returned. It was even a nice place to do some laptop camping. And they had the best housemade mochi topping.

* Yogurtland Berkeley locations: I went to the one on Shattuck quite a few times. The other Berkeley location was too small. I can’t believe there isn’t a Yogurtland in Berkeley now!

* Pinkberry in Koreatown (Los Angeles): This was the first Pinkberry to offer Pinkbee’s ice cream and they even had afternoon tea. The decor was different too. It always seemed innovative.

* Yogurt Oasis (Lancaster, CA): I never made it there or to Lancaster, but the shop just closed after 20 or so years in business, so it's sad.

* Nubi Yogurt (Sloat Blvd., San Francisco, CA): This was never my favorite froyo shop, but it was close to where I used to live, so I used to go fairly often. It was the first Nubi location in San Francisco.

Farewell, old friends. You are missed.

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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