Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Joe Froyo at YoCream Frozen Yogurt Company Store and Other Retailers

Fro-yo girl here. I heard about Joe Froyo, the new coffee beverage made with Dannon frozen yogurt, awhile ago and knew that they carried it at the YoCream company store in Portland, OR. I had the chance to try it at the Reliant Expo2015 and then again in a retail setting at the YoCream shop.

Joe Froyo isn’t coffee flavored frozen yogurt blended with ice. It’s 100% Arabica coffee blended with proprietary Dannon frozen yogurt. It’s similar to Starbucks Frappuccino – both are blended coffee beverages with tiny bits of ice and dairy. Joe Froyo is made with frozen yogurt so it’s healthier than Frappuccinos. It doesn’t taste like frozen yogurt but it does have live and active cultures and it’s nonfat. Frappuccinos have many more flavors and toppings/finishes.

I’m not a Frappuccino drinker (I prefer boba milk tea) but I did compare the two products and Joe Froyo has a stronger coffee flavor. It’s on the icy side, like a granita. The new “Flavor Station” allows you to swirl in 3 custom flavors: mocha, caramel and vanilla. I didn’t see a Flavor Station at YoCream or the option to add whipped cream. The machine was behind the register and the product is dispensed by an employee (you choose the size).

Joe Froyo comes with a compact countertop dispensing machine which comes with the program at no added cost (with a 60 case per quarter minimum). No blending or mixing is required; simply pour the product from the carton into the Spaceman dispensing machine.

Want to find Joe Froyo? Here’s the map of where you can get your Joe: http://joefroyo.com/get-your-joe/

Retailers interested in Joe Froyo should visit for additional information: http://joefroyo.com/retailers/

You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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